Sunday, July 8, 2012

who wants a WAR?

When we think about today’s world there are so many conflicts going on some fight for so called freedom some fight for injustice and so on and so forth.the thing we should not forget when we consider them is that all these battles are carried out by organisations which were specially built for those courses.

Who are the founders of these organisations who feed them that’s the thing we should analyse in detail.
Let us go back in time but not for too far. Many are aware of the second world war. Why is it called a world war?( It is because during that time the whole world was engaged in battles the countries fought each other. It was not focused to one particular region or area. 
During this era United states of America was not considered to be such a dominating force in the world, they were powerful but not the most feared. That can be a reason why the Japanese took on them on 7th December 1941. The humiliation that USA faced triggered lots of events in the world. In the month of February 1945, US threatened japan to surrender their country but the stubborn Japanese refused and we all know what happened after that, two atom bombs landed on the lands of japan causing mammoth destruction and panic then on 2nd of july of that year japan surrendered. The fear which US had implanted on the world brought many nations to their knees before them. This urged great Britain and France to give up their colonies or realms in the Asian region.It is obvious that they had to give up them as US forced them to do so.
why US did this is because of that they knew if the countries were to be together the opportunity to control them would not last for long.The independence is a concept that they introduced to divide the world into pieces more pieces the better it gets for them.As you are aware of the fact that more rulers are there in the world more fights would occur.This was just an example of that.

The disgusting fact is this, there are countries and organizations who feed on wars!.Let us not be so rude to name US,Britain or any other country as the spider who controls this web of wars but isn't that so obvious?.
there are things in this world that we should look into with an open mind let us look at them without wearing colored spectacles then perhaps we would be able to realize who really wants havoc in the world

We should also not be so optimistic that we can keep hopes of a free world because we all can be in the side of the angels but neither you nor me is one of them,As long as the greed for power and domination remains there will be a side which wants WAR.The world is built on the graves of people who died for others' courses.


  1. Very good machan! It is a pleasant surprise that you would write something like this!

    1. glad you enjoyed it bro, its our discussions that helped me to write it,the credit should always go to you also :)

  2. These days war is a multi billion dollar industry. As long as someone profits from it, war will prevail...