Thursday, December 29, 2011

i will never be alone!

I wanted to be the wind..

To follow you

i wanted to be a shadow..

To cover you

i wanted to be you..

To feel you

you threw me away,

when i needed you

you were nowhere

when i dreamed you

you were nowhere

i searched you

for so many years..Just to talk to you

to hold your hands for one moment...

At there you didn't turn back!

Now i'm only left alone

commenting the things i have done..I heard a story

so many years ago

it said if we love by heart

they would return, it was wrong cause you never turn back

you made me who i am

you taught me how not to love

you made me wonder

but when i needed you you never came back..

Walking on this lonely dark street in a cool night

i wisper your name..

But i know you wont listen..

I can tell loads

more than you could imagine

i cant stop neither can i regret

cause may be you are right

may be i was blinded by the things i saw

the things i believe...

I am so lonely am i?

No i have your memories in me

forever they would keep me alive..............