Wednesday, July 4, 2012


some times i wonder whether i'm thinking too much, but often i realize that there are so many people who "think" more than me.In this world of complexity, following one particular path often leads you to dissatisfaction.the same fate lies with me also, the path which lies between the two extremes is very hard to be understood.some wise guy has once said that one could understand the limits of everything by only exceeding the so called limits themselves.but should we be so eager to exceed our own limits in order to achieve such a goal? if so aren't we already inside our own extremes? but of course its worthless in believing that we are following a path which leads us to the total satisfaction,as we all one day would die without the total completion of our dream. may be there exists such a path which avoids this fear of dying incomplete and,
if such a path does exist then it would be the wisest thing on earth to follow it.